Above is a new design concept that we’ve been thinking about using to help align our community.

The quote via Margaret Mead is a great one and something I encountered about 5 years ago, and something that I haven’t stopped thinking about. At the time I was building a small mobile app to fight against the likes of Facebook and Instagram… long-story very, very short, that product didn’t work as I had hoped and we lost that battle, but, I made some life-long friends in the process (so I feel like I netted out positively!).

What we have, right now, is a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens (“yenizens”…?) who dream of doing big things within this space.

I’m excited to be part of it and grateful for all of your commitments! 

What we want to do with this singular metric is slowly (not too fast, mind you) overtake the smallest countries on the planet and, eventually, become the largest community out there.

I found a list of the smallest countries, which looks like this:

Rank    Country    Population

1    Vatican City    451
2    Tuvalu    9,893
3    Palau    21,097
4    San Marino    31,595
5    Liechtenstein    37,286
6    Monaco    37,623
7    Marshall Islands    52,898
8    Northern Mariana Islands    54,541
9    St. Kitts and Nevis    54,944
10    American Samoa    55,434
11    Greenland    56,295
12    Cayman Islands    59,172
13    Bermuda    65,181
14    Dominica    72,341
15    Andorra    72,786
16    Antigua and Barbuda    90,900
17    Seychelles    91,526
18    Aruba    103,441
19    Micronesia, Fed. Sts.    104,044
20    Virgin Islands (U.S.)    104,170
21    Tonga    105,586
22    Grenada    106,349
23    St. Vincent and the Grenadines    109,360
24    Kiribati    110,470
25    Guam    167,543
26    Sao Tome and Principe    186,342
27    Samoa    191,845
28    Vanuatu    258,883
29    New Caledonia    266,000
30    French Polynesia    279,781

So, what we’ll do is align our growth goals around this singular metric and, as a community, grow organically and passionately! In time, we’ll beat French Polynesia (and beyond).

We’ll do it together.

– john