#YENiverse Needs Your Help!

#YENiverse Needs Your Help!I wanted to take this moment to give a couple of shoutouts … though there are many to give!

First, thank you so much bitnative!


– This is the type of “finding your seat on the spaceship” that I’m always talking about! We have many seats OPEN on the spaceship. It is YOUR duty to find your voice, your seat!

– I love this type of content as it is so welcoming, so helpful… remember what we talked about in cohort… finding YOUR rituals make sure that you’re part of the firmament… it’s sticky. I’d love bitnative to do these daily if possible!



– You are now the MOST transacted person on YEN! Imagine when we’re fully public, how much money we’ll be moving through our system?!

– This is exactly how we want you guys to use YEN! 

– Thanks so much Brandon for trusting us and our system to buy/sell your favorite crypto!!!!

We have just begun my friends… as we slow roll out on boarding… keep considering where YOUR seat is… find it, and win!