YEN: Transparency Matters

One of the very unique opportunity that we have with a new platform is to make early-decisions based on first-principles.

In other words, we can build a product (with an amazing) community built on the things that we believe, like security and privacy as well as transparency… all of the very good things!

For instance, here’s an example that we’ve mentioned before that shows the community how many times the user has changed their username as well as what those changes were:

These things matter, especially in our world where fraud and deception are rampant. We want to make sure that our community is safe from harms way and give them the tools and features, like these, to maximize trust in a “trustless” world.

Things like these aren’t easy to put together but we think it’s worth it and it’ll advance our mission on becoming the most friendly, fun, and helpful crypto community out there!