YEN: Messaging is Coming…

One of the biggest personal disappointments with the Alpha/Beta launch was the inability to launch internal messaging from Day #1.

The issue was entirely centered around our technological implementation using a number of off-the-shelf APIs that would allow us to shortcut our way to a decent internal messaging system.

But, after building the components 3 times using 3 different systems we decided to give-up and write the damn thing from scratch (using Nodejs).

Consequently, we punted the messaging system from private launch and moved a ton of engineering resources to create a new system from the ground-up that would allow us the type of flexibility, extensibility, and dynamism that we wanted.

And I’m glad we did… because the end result is so much better than what we had originally planned! 

There’s a lot more work between now and deployment to the BETA production, but, here are some final hifi screenshots to wet your appetite:

Oh yeah. Fuck yeah.