YEN: Kill the Scams

Scams start with users who try to do nefarious things with information. So, as a consequence, we’re thinking comprehensively, end-to-end, on how we can reduce the amount of disinformation and #fakenews that might get out in our #yeniverse.

So, we’re thinking about small (yet significant) things like making it more transparent around usernames and even their history of user name changes.

There are very few social platforms that share this type of data (one of them is Ebay… pretty rad actually) and we think that if we publicly share someone’s nickname or username history it’ll provide even more high-fidelity decision making when it comes to followership and even speculative purchases.

For instance, if you saw someone change their username to “Vitalik_Buterinnnnnnn” to shill a coin or project then you’d know that they are illegitimate and trying to scam you.

Small decisions like this for the sake of transparency can go a looooong way to fighting the good fight of keeping the #yeniverse a fun and friendly place to be.

If you have any more great ideas, we’d love to hear it on YEN! Create a post and @mention @YENSupport or @YENeng and we’ll put it on the backlog!

We’ll have more details on how we plan on displaying this information in a future post… we’re working on design ideas right now…

– john