YEN: It’s the SMALL Stuff That Matters

Building a great product requires both large-scale thinking as well as managing the small, seemingly-infinitesimal design decisions in the product experience.

For instance, compare what Slack does with punctuation after you add the username:

Did you catch it?

They auto-magically remove the space so that you can keep typing without stopping.

Currently, with our Alpha implementation, we don’t do that:

See the difference?

Clearly, this is something we can build into our post editor, but it’ll make a big FELT difference when you type a username and add any punctuation to the username.

Small stuff matters… especially when you think of the scale at which we’re aiming for. If it was just 20 folks, then, perhaps the impact wouldn’t be so bad… but, when you’re aiming for 20 million users (and beyond!) then you have some serious impact.

Onward and upward!