YEN: Fun and Friendly, ALL THE THINGS

As Peter and I share all the time, we just love to have fun with not only the projects that we get to work on but also the people.

If we’re not optimizing for fun… then, what’s the point?

As a builder you have the distinct opportunity and pleasure to build into the system these very things, the values that underpin your behavior!

One thing that I love, for instance, are gifs… I can’t get enough of them! I think they do an incredible job of communicating things simply, quickly, and effectively.

But, not all of them have to boring and dull and utility-focused… sometimes you just want to add a gif that might “lighten” the mood.

For instance, I thought about adding this funny gif to our verification screen for two-factor.

Is this necessary? Obviously not. But, is it fun? Yes, yes it is.