Yen: An Epic Screenshot


We shared this last night during our AMA in Discord and I wanted to share it again here (you should definitely listen to it… just sayin’…).

Yes, as you can see, we are much farther than just high-fidelity wireframes or composite designs… we have a functioning (yet super-trim) working prototype that we’ve been hacking on for the past few months.

It keeps getting better and better and our hope is to continue to refine our approach as well as our functionality. We won’t have anything public or ready for testing for a while (take our word on that) but we’re pushing as hard as we can to get something to you as quickly as we can.

Trust me, it hurts that it’s not available yet…!

One of the things that Peter and I want to be able to do is leverage all of you very seriously as we get closer to Alpha and Beta stage… we’ll need your engagement daily to fully test out the experience and the product.

We’ll have more screenshots (and screencasts) coming your way over the next few months so you can get a very clear picture of what’s coming down the pipe.

But, until then… a singular epic screenshot.

– john