Yen: A Robust Search

Building a functional and attractive search is a very, verylarge challenge for any product. We live in an age of search and so we want to make sure that the end-user, at any point in time, can find what they need, when they need it.

Yen will have a native search at launch and to build it out we’re using Algolia, a battle-tested API that I’ve used in the past. I’m excited to use it again for Yen.

Here’s one high-fidelity screenshot that we’ve cooked up (not final!) to review:

Search should not only bring up relevant coins or token data… but should also highlight usersas well as groups.

The groups section is very interesting indeed (at least from a conceptual point of view):

As you can see, we should be able to surface groups that are relevant to the person’s search criteria and we should also be able to highlight groups that are performing really well (and based on price, size, etc…).

Some really neat stuff coming down the pipe.

– john