Where We’re Headed

It’s important that you understand where we’ve been so that you can understand where we’re going to go because the principles, the practices, and essentially the playbooks that we’re using are fundamentally the same. For instance, you’ll notice a few patterns:

1. We like to experiment, a lot.

We believe that the only way we’re going to serve our community in the best way possible is by understanding the community’s needs personally and directly. We do this by building and distributing free and universally-accessible products and by doing so we engage our users in feedback loops to better understand the opportunities and gaps that can be filled in our community’s lives.

In this way we can maximize learnings as well as provide tangible value quickly. And, of course, we aren’t done experimenting!

2. We are community-driven.

We have chosen to co-build with our community, giving them a voice into our design and development process as we build products that we believe will have the most value and utility. We do this in a number of ways (you can read more here about our process) but essentially the core team defines product direction and we actively invite our community to give us feedback on what’s working, what’s not working, issues (i.e. bugs), as well as feature requests for the future.

3. Building great software is hard (and takes a lot of time to get right).

We have committed ourselves to a “marathon” instead of a “sprint” when it comes to building a best-in-class product for a community that deserves only the best – this means that we’re going to do our very best to build something that people love to use and will take all the time necessary to get it right!

Practically-speaking, this means that our process is intentionally “slower” and more deliberate than a strategy that might consist of “building, launching, and hoping people show up” type of thing. A limited, closed beta is one way we’ve done this as well as the fact that we’re not actively trying to grow the userbase (e.g. outbound marketing).

Instead, our focus is making sure our early testers and users like what they see / experience and that their expectations for the existing version of the early product has parity with what they dream it will one day become!

4. We’re going to get it wrong (and that’s okay).

Finally, we all know that the cryptocurrency and blockchain space is ever-evolving and changing, even before our very eyes! We firmly believe that the future is decentralized but we can’t possibly predict what that will actually look like!

Consequently, as it relates to #1, experiments are principally designed to allow failure to be understood as a healthy and natural outcome! And fail we will (and we’ll do it together).

Many of our early experiments didn’t “work” as far as growing into massive websites in their own right, but they opened the door for dialogues to be had with our community so that we could learn and grow together, as well as better understanding true needs and opportunities! In that way, none of our early efforts were truly failures.

The Current Plan

Much of our work and progress on YEN can be plainly seen here on our Official Changelog which shares the specifics around how we’re putting things together as well as updates and general bug-fixes that our co-builders are finding and helping us squash. We can’t thank these folks enough because they are making the product better not just for our small team today but for millions of future users!

The Changelog serves as a tactical survey of the work being done today while below is a broader view of where we’re headed as a community and project (of course, much of this can and will change):

October, 2018

YEN moves to Private Beta where we’ve invited < 200 of our most passionate co-builders to help us test our technology platform and provide life-giving feedback. We opted to release before the more official RC1 because of a community-lead event in Atlanta! Consequently, we launched without some of the major planned features.

November, 2018

YEN will reach an internal status of RC1 (“Release Candidate One) with the following major components:

  • Landing page
  • Authorization + registration
  • 2FA + SMS
  • All type of feeds (posts, images, video)
  • User profile
  • Coinbase OAuth
  • Coinbase webhook notifications
  • Automatic posts from buy/sell and wallet transaction
  • Buy/sell via Coinbase from YEN
  • Replay transaction
  • Exchange rates widgets
  • Basic search with Algolia (only posts)
  • Trending topics (basic tracking)
  • Following and feed aggregated from people you follow
  • Add posts manually, preview by url, images/video/mentions
  • Comments
  • Direct messaging
  • Notifications with aggregation
  • Administrative Panel

Early-Spring, 2019

We plan on releasing RC2 in the 1st or 2nd quarter of 2019, with the following major additional features:

  • Private groups
  • Groups management
  • Group chats

Late-Spring, 2019

We plan on releasing RC3 in the 1st or 2nd quarter of 2019, with the following major additional features:

  • Wallet operations (sending cryptocurrency between users)
  • Posts to groups
  • Mobile version (web-only, native later!)
  • Additional exchanges (TBD)

Summer, 2019

Our hope is to publicly release YEN out of Private Beta in the Summer of 2019!