Our Story (Quick Timeline)

Here’s a quick overview of where we’ve been and our history as a project and our greater community!

  • 2016: John starts experimenting with YouTube.
  • 2017: John invites Peter to join him in his video experiment.
  • 2017: Peter launches the BiteSizeBitcoin YouTube channel and it starts growing quickly.
  • 2017, August: The Bitcoin Pub launches in an effort to support the growing needs of the YouTube community that Peter is building.
  • 2017, November: Decentralized TV YouTube channel launches as an effort to consolidate and execute against a wider vision for a bigger team of correspondents and video participants.
  • 2017, November: We launch our Patreon.com site to rally our co-builders together.
  • 2017, November: Officially incorporate the business (ROFLCOPTER, INC.) in the state of Delaware.
  • 2017, November: We finalize our first digital product, #B90X, a free, 90-day program to help introduce new community members to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and decentralized thinking.
  • 2018, January: CoinPuffs.com is released, built upon open-source data feeds for real-time updates on new projects and tokens.
  • 2018, January: We release another free educational product, The 10 Days of Bitcoin to help newbies learn the basics of bitcoin.
  • 2018, February: The concept of YEN is first conceived.
  • 2018, April: We release CryptoYum, a real-time news aggregator based on our community’s feedback. We also spent 1,000’s of hours on a native iOS version but killed that just before launch to focus on the more universal web-based experience.
  • 2018, May: We raise a round of venture financing to support the on-going building efforts.
  • 2018, August: Su joins the team and we celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary of The Bitcoin Pub!
  • 2018, October: We launch a Closed Beta version of YEN to a limited group of passionate, early co-builders and testers.
  • 2018, October: James joins the team.
  • 2019, January: Paul joins the team.

And the story continues…!