The Yeniverse is Expanding!

We now have 659 Yenizens in the Yeniverse (as I am writing this blog post), which means our community has grown more than 50% since May 1st! I have only been working on this project for two months, and yet, it feels like we have already grown so much since I have started and I couldn’t be more excited for the future.

I have a passion for growth. I love seeing numbers in the green when I wake up, but I am more passionate about positive growth. I want to make sure that our community is always growing in a positive way. That means welcoming new community members, and making sure they are providing further value to the community, as well as receiving value in return.

With that being said… Let’s welcome some of our newest and most active members! If you are already on YEN, I suggest you follow Dyor, MS2_BEN, Blockchain Rasta, and Bitcoin Podcasts.

Also, I would like to highlight my favorite new user, Bitcoin Dood. I am a sucker for the Big Lebowski, and now you know. Bitcoin Dood is a cryptocurrency trader and web designer. He got interested in cryptocurrency in late 2013, and started trading bitcoin and altcoins in mid 2014. He is a Steemit blogger and active micro blogger in the crypto Twitter community. He also posts a nightly report on the day’s cryptocurrency news and headlines Monday – Friday.

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