The Bitcoin Pub

The Pub: Almost a Year Old…

Although we didn’t publicly launch The Pub until August 9th, we had been building it behind the scenes for almost a month prior.

How do I know that? Besides my incredible memory (not)… I was reminded via a renewal notice of the pub domain name that’s being renewed for another year (for the low, low price of $39!).

It’s hard to really put into words what the last year has really been like for both Peter and I. Of course, all of you have made this story incredible – and we mean that sincerely. It is hard to believe, truly, that just over a year ago we didn’t have this community, in the Pub, on Patreon, or even as much as we do via YouTube and the rest of our social outlets.

And it’s not that we had a “Master Plan” either! Neither of us could have guessed or anticipated that we’d still be here, building software and community for the Bitcoin and Blockchain space.

So grateful for all of you. So very grateful that you’re still here.

– john