The Power (and Importance) of Accessibility


This is less about the new (and improved) CoinPuffs v0.22 and more about a philosophy and practice that I wanted to sit on for a second with you.

What John and I are doing (and we hope you can see it) is making ourselves accessible to you, first and foremost, and then the larger cryptonation.

Why is this important? It’s important because of two core principles:

1. Decentralization requires it. Being accessible doesn’t infringe on the values of anonymity or pseudonymity! Rather, it maintains optionality at all points.

2. “Community Powered” is Mostly Lip Service in our world. Most folks like to tout this as a practiced value but not many people actually do it. We want to be different, fundamentally different.

For instance, when was the last time CMC updated their site based on public, traceable feedback? When was the last time you had a public (or even private) conversation with “Brandon Chez“? The answer is most likely zero.

Here’s the point: YOU ARE PART OF SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL and it’s not because John and I built something super-cool or unique. It’s because YOU SHOWED UP and GAVE A SHIT about these principles in practice.

So, let’s continue to boldly show up, do it differently, and let’s make the cryptocurrency world wholly better for it.

– The Dogelord