Sneak Peek: CryptoYum Desktop Version…

… so, we’ve shared that we’ve been actively working on the native iOS version of CryptoYum but what we haven’t shared as publicly is the fact that we’re building a fully-responsive web and mobile version for those that want to use our hyper-curated experience in other ways.

So, here’s the very first designs of the upcoming desktop version that we’re sharing with you fine folks first. 

As always, please don’t share this publicly as it’s for Patreon-Only!

We are working on alternative looks, especially the <header> area, so, we’ll be back in a few days to get your feedback on what you feel will be the best experience.

As always… your financial support makes all of this possible…! We love building stuff for you all!

I can’t wait to get the next design iterations done so I can get your feedback… stay tuned!

– john