Reimagining the YEN Brand

Brand development can be a nightmare for companies, especially startups. Where do you start? How do you know your brand identity is good? Does our brand properly reflect who we are as a company? These questions can cause headaches for anyone and they certainly have for us at YEN.

What’s also interesting is the way a brand identity and how you feel about it can change over time as the company itself changes. When we had the original YEN logo created, it was great for where the company and product were at the time. The lens in which we looked at that process back then was great for what we were then. Now armed with a lot of data and feedback, we have a much clearer picture on what our future vision looks like. The current logo served its purpose but now it’s time to look to the future. That being said, we are currently in the process of updating our brand to better reflect who we are as a company as well as our community.

Many people will think of branding only as a marketing tool used for external purposes only (think swag), but that isn’t the case for truly successful brands. Successful brands reflect how a company operates internally as well. The brand should reflect the core values of its employees, especially when they are small. The YEN brand should represent the values of all of us and how we want to portray the company to any future employees who join us, because the most important asset for any company is its employees.

Successful brands should also represent the values of its current and future communities. Obviously, branding is used as a marketing tool, but it should also be used as a retention tool. Sure, we want to attract new community members to YEN, but we want them to stay because they love who we are and the community that we have built.

We are currently in the process of choosing a brand agency to work with and we want to take you on this journey with us. It’s been fun to chat amongst the team on what our wants are for the brand and having some vision casting sessions. We hope to educate our community about the do’s and don’ts of branding (and working with an external agency), so that our community can be more successful in their own brand development.

Stay tuned for more updates!