[PATREON ONLY] – Yen Use Case #1 – Helping Family and Friends Copy Your Investments

Okay folks… this is it.

Yesterday, on the livestream, we revealed that yes… we are looking at building an “exchange”…

… but, the vision that we have for a “cryptocurrency exchange” is so much wider and distinct than what exists today and how we want to build it is just as different.

We want to be able to engage you folks as early as we can in the process, asking the questions we need and making sure that we build this collaboratively (or as best we can… clearly we’ll be writing most of the code!).

To that end, we’re going to really open up the dialogue about this project and give you as much information as we can as we build… and get your feedback along the way.

Of course, we’ll need even more help from Crypto Pirates (and above) so stay tuned for more specific needs (and bonuses as we get closer to launch).

(As always… please do not share publicly… especially things surrounding Yen!)

Let’s do this.

– The Dogelord