CryptoYum on Product Hunt SHIP! Join the LAUNCH TEAM!

Hey folks!

Just wanted you all to be some of the first to know that we’ve launched our small (yet effective) temporary landing page for CryptoYum!

You can check it out here… and also read some more candid thoughts on why The Doge Lord and I decided to build this app in the first place!

For those who are Cryptonauts, you are still uniquely getting Alpha / Beta access and, of course, the sneak-peeks and behind-the-scenes…!

Thanks for all of your support and we hope to have a MASSIVELY-EPIC LAUNCH TEAM when all is said and done!

To the moon, guys!


Cupcakes All The Things?! Design Iterations for CryptoYum Brand!

A quick update for all of our Cryptonauts!

Here’s a look at the design iterations that we went through to get closer to what we felt was going to be an epic brand for CryptoYum!

We ultimately decided to move forward with the first version… and then did a few more iterations and color schematics on that version.

Here are some examples:

And then we decided to take one final look at how it might be seen inside of the app itself, which is always a good way to get an overall feel.

Take a look:


We’re continuing to build this month and hopefully have things moving forward as quickly as possible. 

This is a big month for us as we hope to have the first Alpha Version available for all of you to test this month! It’s a huge goal and we’re not sure if we’re going to make it, to be honest, but, we’re going to give it a shot.

Why the hell not.

I Guess Email Is Still a Thing…

Just a quick update… but an important one!

Because of your direct support we’re able to pay for TRIPLE the cost of our mailserver this past month:

Sure, it might not seem like much, but, this is just one of the many technical expenses that The Bitcoin Pub is requiring these days!

How many emails did we send? Over 180,000!!

Onwards and upwards! You all rock!

More CryptoYum Brand Concepts

Hey all!

Just wanted to share with our amazing Cryptonauts one of the final design / brand concepts that we had considered before landing on what would eventually become the winner!

Check these out:

Ultimately, we decided on the following:

And then we went through a number of design iterations… which I’ll share in an upcoming post!

What is Up, Everybody…!

… *bonus points to those who know where the title (“quote”) is from… one of my favorite movies!

Hey folks! It’s been too long!

Wanted to give a brief update and then some neat things to chew on, even if you’re not a Cryptonaut, we wanted to share some progress on the native iOS app that we’re building!

What, what! 

First, here are some never-before-seen concepts of the brand that we were building out. These aren’t final, of course.

As I mentioned, we typically share this with the Cryptonauts, but, today… bonus time! Everyone’s a winner!

And here’s a screenshot (or two) around our development progress:

Onwards and upwards!

Infrastructure Update: Putting in that WORK!

Hey all!

All of our hard work over the last few weeks has started to pay off. Your support has allowed us to continue to test, refine, iterate, and experiment with better infrastructure.

Here are two images that showcase the work and more importantly some of the results of some of these technical experiments:

Above you can see that we’ve been isolating the 5xx (Server Errors) that we’ve encountered and there have been definitely some experiments that have increased them and then we neutralized them.

Killed them, in other words. We’re stable and now we’ll see how the changes take.

And here you can see a huge spike of HTTP 4xx (Client Errors) that we’ve encountered and how we quickly made changes and updates that could solve the problems. The small bumps are also smaller experiments that we’ve run as well to tweak performance and get the most out of our architecture.

Again, THANK YOU for your support because it helps us find the time to optimize The Bitcoin Pub and continue to deliver the best community experience possible.

You are what powers The Bitcoin Pub 🍻 !



My fellow Cryptonauts, ASSEMBLE!

I’ve started putting down the first lines of code in the last week or so and wanted to give you some sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes like we promised!

These are a few raw, uncut screens of the process as put it all together!

Stoked to have this first app into your hot hands for testing… I don’t currently have a good estimate of when that’ll be, but, trust me when I say that we’ll have it to you as soon as we possibly can.

We believe there is a really distinct and neat opportunity to serve the larger cryptonation with the best source of news for all things crypto… and YOU will have a big part to play in making it amazing!

Just think about that for a sec… you will have front-row seats to not only the development but a voice into the design and user-experience of an app that we believe could be in MILLIONS of people’s hands…!

(That’s a lot of responsibility, if I’m to be honest…)

But, I know that we’ve selected the right folks for the task. Thanks for being on board!


Let’s get it done!

YOU (Yes You!) Keep The (Digital) Lights 💡 On!

Hey everyone!

Hope your weekend has been restful and awesome! 👍🏼

Just wanted to give you guys some real-time updates and keep the transparency-level high because all of your support really does go directly to The Pub and keeping things going!

As you can see above, our new CDN is working hard at delivering content and our system to wherever you are and this weekend The Doge Lord and I have been working to optimize the backend and tweak server and architecture settings to maximize throughput.

It’s been frustrating, at times, I won’t lie, and I even shared some late-night thoughts like this recently on The Pub.

But it’s entirely worth it as we have folks all over the world requesting the content that all of you are creating!

Consequently, we made our first big payment for the CDN and added a bunch of credits to the account.

Thanks so much for your support as it keeps things running smoothly! We love building this community and creating fresh and helpful YouTube content for you daily.

This is a privilege and joy for us!


Milestones: WE DESTROY THEM! 🔥💣💥

Wow. Are you seeing this?

We’ve crushed over 2,000,000 pageviews in the first month! Growing like mad!

Also, we’ve crossed way beyond the 4,000 new members mark!

For those who like super-geeky stats… we’ve processed more than 44,000,000 total requests!

All of this to say… we’re growing like a weed and any new milestone is one that we’re absolutely blowing away.

Thanks to you, of course. Your support enables us to continue to absolutely annihilate our metrics and estimates!