That Memory Usage Though!

A small screenshot of the new CryptoYum App… we’re getting close friends… seriously. So… close…

Love you guys!

– The Doge Lord


Testing CryptoYum…

… and some screen-capture awesomeness.

Getting close my friends…!


Just the Grind… and We Love It.

Peter and I were working even during Thanksgiving. 

This is our privilege and gift. This is our opportunity. 

Why? Because we believe we’re doing an important work for you, for ourselves, for all of us together.

Crypto doesn’t sleep… and we’re going to ensure that the very best content is available to read and consume so that you can learn and grow whenever you want.

Every day. The grind. We love it. And… we love you.

Have a great and restful weekend.


Refining. Iterating. Building. Testing. 📲 📲 📲 📲

I originally sent this to the folks who are subscribed to CryptoYum via PH Ship Platform.

I’m working. Hard. To put things together.

My original hope was to have something… ANYTHING… by Thanksgiving but I recently redid the entire backend and that threw me off about 4-6 weeks… and at this point in time it looks like it’s going to be on the more liberal side of that estimate.

But, this is how you build things. This is how you grind. This is how you create something that you believe people want. You refine. You iterate. You build. You test.

You work your ass off and pray and hope that people on the other end will do their part… and show up and use it.

I’m sure you’re doing the same… with whatever you’re putting together.

Just like me, you’re refining… iterating… building… testing… you’re doing all of these things for your profession, your career, your relationships, and even your hobbies and recreation.

We’re moving slowly forward and hoping that we’re on the right path… praying that we’re doing it right.

Together, we’ll overcome.

I love what I get to do. I’m grateful for it. I’m thankful for folks who support me. I’m sure you are too.

Have a great Thanksgiving week folks.



I’m Enjoying My Test Data…

The death of SegWit2X a total win I’ve been enjoying all of the news data that’s streaming into my test environment while building CryptoYum.

It just reminds me that the ethics and principles around decentralization will win the day and that we can bank on the blockchain.

The Doge Lord and I are continuing to work every single day at building what we believe is going to be a very powerful tool for our community and our efforts are bolstered constantly by your support!

Without you all we wouldn’t be able to do what we get to do!

Again, please consider the following:

1. Share the good news the death of SegWit2x!
2. Tell others about The Bitcoin Pub!
3. Get more folks to signup to CryptoYum!

You all rock. Have a pleasant day.

– john


CryptoYum: Keeping You Updated with Trending Topics


Fellow Cryptonauts!

Here’s a very early screenshot of a Trending Topics (or “Hot Topics”) that we’re working on inside CryptoYum that’ll ensure that you have the absolute best news and article coverage for your daily inspiration, reading, and education.

There’s a lot happening in the crypto-space and so we feel like we have an opportunity to serve our users with the topic posts of the day. This way if you have only a little time to spend that we can ensure you’re getting the best information at your fingertips.

So, there’s that.

Love you guys. Keep rockin’! And, of course, thank you for your patronage!

– The Doge Lord


Building the Login System for CryptoYum!

Things are moving in the right direction friends! 

November is going to be just as good as October… if not better!

Your support, every single month, means that The Doge Lord and I can spend time doing this! 



More Pics:



Hey all. 

Even though I’ve kind of had a major life event happen recently… Peter and I are working hard on putting CryptoYum together, every single day (and night).

What this looks like is quite simple:

Peter on video chat while baby is on my lap while we build software:

This is pretty much my life now.

But, you know what…

It’s amazing. Thumbs-up. 👍🏼

Life is better when it’s full, right?

– j

Here are some more shots of my work last night building out the Day Time / Night Modes:

No one works harder than Peter and I. No one.


Login, Read, Profit!

Hey all!

Peter and I are GRINDING on CryptoYum and working every day on making this app better.

One of the things that I designed last night was the login screen:

And what we have is:

Login, Read, and Profit!

It’s kind of a slogan, of sorts… but that’s really our driving hope is that this app can become one of your best crypto-friends… and that it’s something that you can check into every single day and get the very best news and resources for you.

We really can’t wait to show you.

You are our CRYPTONAUTS and we expect big things from you all… especially when we get closer to testing! As always, you are getting all of the behind-the-scenes stuff for our apps and product development.

Your support means a ton!


This is Why We Do This…! Building the Dream!

… and what we want to do more of!

This is the truth… The Doge Lord and I spend a lot of time “offline” thinking through the best ways to create high-value content for you. 

We also spend a lot of offline time talking with folks and back-channeling to connect with folks like John McAfee and set up interviews that make sense. Again, these logistics takes a lot of time and a lot of resources!

But that’s why Patreon is such a huge part of our collective story! Patreon is helping build a system and platform so that Peter and I can do this more and, perhaps eventually, full-time.

Yes… yes… and yes… we are still very much like you where we have some full-time obligations and responsibilities (i.e. full-time, 9-5 jobs…) but like you still we have larger hopes and larger dreams…

And you’re helping us build our dream, together! What a blessing, what an opportunity, what a beautiful thing!

So, when we get feedback like the image above via Kayla & Grandon Lowery, it makes our hearts smile. It validates that we’re doing the right things and that we are part of the right community.

THANK YOU for your support and THANK YOU for helping us all build the spaceship to the 🌕 ! You’re a vital part of all of our collective success and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.