New on Beta: Global Announcements

A lot changes in an early-stage company, from the product itself to the organization (like new team members – and we’re looking for a few more!)! It’s an exciting time for us and I don’t want to miss a single thing that’s happening within our community!

Consequently, we’ve given some thought as to how we can communicate the best to our friends and colleagues in and around YEN and one solution that we’ve come up with is a simple system that allows us to communicate global updates and announcements with a few button clicks.

From our backend interface and admin panel, it looks like this:

An example of a simple (but important!) announcement.

And what this looks like in your feed is a removable notice, like this:

That’s it!

You’ll be able to close the notice once you’ve given it a read and go on your merry way! We plan to use this for major updates and important industry-specific events that you’ll want to know about, like soft or hard forks that are being implemented on a blockchain that may affect transactions or exchange integrations.

We’ll be releasing this update soon and we’d love your feedback once it goes live! Appreciate it a ton!