New on Beta: Announcements

Just like an iceberg, there are so many things that we’re building and putting together for our community that doesn’t get a lot of air time (i.e. press)! In many ways, the team has been building not just one software product but two (or three!).

For instance, there’s the public-facing social platform that all of our wonderful Beta Testers are helping us to put together with their use and incredible feedback and then there’s a number of administrative tools that we’ve built for the team so that we can provide the best experience possible.

The “front end” of the social platform.

For instance, early on we realized that we wanted to be able to communicate globally to our entire community that certain things were happening within the network and also things outside of our immediate network that could impact the overall experience.

Consequently, we built a Global Notifications system internally that looks like this:

We can easily create & manage these notifications through a simple admin interface.

Here’s what it looks like when we create a new announcement that’ll show in the user’s personalized feed:

A simple WYSIWYG editor.

The result? A removable notice like this:

It’s that simple!

We know that with great power comes great responsibility so we don’t plan on using this system often, but, for critical notices that our community needs to know about, such as an announcement of a network upgrade or a soft or hard fork on a connected exchange and/or blockchain is something we want to prepare our community for (even if we’re not directly responsible).

This is how we plan on going above-and-beyond the call of duty to provide near-real-time updates about critical pieces of data and information that our community needs to know about. We always wanted something like this for ourselves and we thought it would be worth building it internally!

Part of our role and our responsibility is creating as much awareness about what is happening in our collective universe as possible and we believe we can do this with simple tools like a Global Announcements feature!

For this interested, we plan on building this feature out even more to provide user-centric notifications that our relevant to just them! Imagine a user auto-magically being notified about things they only care about (e.g. events related to their own personal portfolio or specific projects and tokens they are following closely).

A little machine learning and possibly artificial intelligence are just some of the opportunities that stand before us! And what’s most exciting is that we’re really just getting started (and we’re hiring)!