Long Live Long-Form

What is it about crypto that entices the masses? What is it about listening to anything that Andreas Antonopoulos shares that speaks so deeply to so many of us? Or an epic, long-form blog post that completely up-ends your financial worldview and utterly blows your mind?

For some it’s the rich cryptographic history that attracts while for others it’s all about the principles of decentralization and the values privacy and pseudonymity it provides the holder.

In fact, what we’ve discovered in our small (but growing!) community is that while we value the optionality around disclosing who we are—and what we want and don’t want to share,—our community absolutely loves talking about all things crypto!

Consequently, we wanted to share even more specifics around conversations and the features that will enable our community to talk, share, and dialogue even more on our platform; let’s talk about blogging.

Get that blog-on.

But first, a history lesson.

When the first MVP was released to our community, each post had a 300 character limit with the intent of offering a quick and easy way to share thoughts out to the community—it certainly met those two criteria, allowing our users to rack up over 22,000 posts (and counting) in our Closed Beta.

While this did a great job of getting things out quickly, it did have one limitation: it didn’t allow the space for long-form content and larger thought pieces that our community wanted to publish and share.

And what our community wants, our community gets (sometimes)!

The people have spoken (via Prepper).

With so many new and exciting things happening in the cryptosphere, we wanted to give our users the space to capture all of their thoughts on the ever-evolving, decentralized landscape and host meaningful conversations and discussions in a simple and intuitive form.

And our current implementation isn’t doing the job as our community has encountered usability challenges, like this:

“300 doesn’t even come close to cutting it” — @nynjah

We’ve heard you all and we’re going to do something about it—here’s the plan: In the upcoming Platinum Dolphin you’ll be able to share not only what you ate for lunch but also your 30,000-word crypto manifesto that you’ve been dying to pen and evangelize:

A sneak peek of our new long-form experience.

There’s a lot of work that we still have to do to create an experience that our community will love (and that we’ll love using too), so keep that feedback coming!

For now, you can marinate on this .gif for a bit and continue to dream about the upcoming blog post experience that we literally can’t wait to get into your hands!

Simple ornamentation options, for now. Long live the King!

We’ll chat soon!