The Bitcoin Pub

Infrastructure Update: Putting in that WORK!

Hey all!

All of our hard work over the last few weeks has started to pay off. Your support has allowed us to continue to test, refine, iterate, and experiment with better infrastructure.

Here are two images that showcase the work and more importantly some of the results of some of these technical experiments:

Above you can see that we’ve been isolating the 5xx (Server Errors) that we’ve encountered and there have been definitely some experiments that have increased them and then we neutralized them.

Killed them, in other words. We’re stable and now we’ll see how the changes take.

And here you can see a huge spike of HTTP 4xx (Client Errors) that we’ve encountered and how we quickly made changes and updates that could solve the problems. The small bumps are also smaller experiments that we’ve run as well to tweak performance and get the most out of our architecture.

Again, THANK YOU for your support because it helps us find the time to optimize The Bitcoin Pub and continue to deliver the best community experience possible.

You are what powers The Bitcoin Pub 🍻 !