Goodbye CoinPuffs

Nearly 15 months ago we first announced the release of a new property and tool that we affectionately called CoinPuffs!

We originally launched this small project based on the feedback that we had received since booting up our 1st YouTube Channel (@BiteSizeBitcoin) and since then it’s continued to grow, like clockwork, every single month.

And, just like many of the other properties that we’ve built (and eventually sunset), it’s time that CoinPuffs take a bow and retire gracefully, especially since we’re now spending much more time on our newly-released YenIQ system within our growing Private Beta!

We wanted to take a small moment and thank all of the folks who not only helped support the project (and use it, daily!) but also the many people within our community who gave a ton of useful feedback and remarks on what could ultimately make a coin market capitalization website exceedingly useful to users – we’ve take all of that feedback and it’s been captured for future review!

And, our plan is to take a few of those select pieces and start to build them out inside of YEN proper:

A few of these great ideas shared via our amazing community:

  1. Ability to add (advanced) annotations and markup to a chart
  2. Ability to share charts easily (and quickly!) into posts
  3. Ability to share charts outside of YEN
  4. Ability to execute trades based on chart data and/or interactions
  5. Ability to customize and/or group coins / tokens into portfolio(s)
  6. … and much, much more!

We hope to release some of these more advanced tools later this year!

Thanks again for all of your support as we continue to build great software for you, our community. With that being said, CoinPuffs, it’s hard to say goodbye – you served us well for more than a year and we’re grateful for all of the intelligence and open sourced data pipes that you gave us!