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Milestones: WE DESTROY THEM! 🔥💣💥

Wow. Are you seeing this?

We’ve crushed over 2,000,000 pageviews in the first month! Growing like mad!

Also, we’ve crossed way beyond the 4,000 new members mark!

For those who like super-geeky stats… we’ve processed more than 44,000,000 total requests!

All of this to say… we’re growing like a weed and any new milestone is one that we’re absolutely blowing away.

Thanks to you, of course. Your support enables us to continue to absolutely annihilate our metrics and estimates!



The Bitcoin Pub

The Pub 🍻 … IT’S ALIVE! 👏🏼 🎉

Goodmorning Cryptonation!

Just a quick update here as the real goods are shared on the Bitcoin Pub!

Before you click this link though… remember: THIS is what you’re supporting and THIS is why you’re so freakin’ awesome!

Go here to check out all the recent updates to the site that you have directly funded!

Click here to read! 

The Bitcoin Pub

BIG Tech Updates… COMING SOON!


Wanted to share with you some big things coming down the pipe! Our intent, of course, is to create the best possible experience for all of you and especially our patrons!

You all rock! Here’s the list of things that I’m working on right now…

# Server, Architecture

  • A kickass CDN for faster, global accessibility!
  • Dynamic Load Balancer… so cool.
  • 2nd Container for Staging, Production so we can minimize downtime!

# Core Pub Experience Updates

  • Static Pages
  • Who’s Online 
  • Events and Calendaring
  • GeoLocation

Have a great day folks

The Bitcoin Pub

So, Let’s Talk About Swag…! 👕 👍🏼

The neat thing about this reward level is that you fine folks get the real stuff (literally)!

But, here’s the thing… we haven’t quite settled on the designs quite yet and even the stickers! So, let’s have a quick chat about that…

If you remember from this post, we’ve landed on some new designs for our brand and were even give a few concept pieces to look at:

At this point, we’re going to be sending you all T-Shirts!

What we’ll land on in the next few weeks is the right color combinations (and even have you vote for your favorites) and then get those printed and shipped!

Looking forward to all of you wearing some sweet swag! You’ll be the very first in the entire world!