The Bitcoin Pub

The Pub: Almost a Year Old…

Although we didn’t publicly launch The Pub until August 9th, we had been building it behind the scenes for almost a month prior.

How do I know that? Besides my incredible memory (not)… I was reminded via a renewal notice of the pub domain name that’s being renewed for another year (for the low, low price of $39!).

It’s hard to really put into words what the last year has really been like for both Peter and I. Of course, all of you have made this story incredible – and we mean that sincerely. It is hard to believe, truly, that just over a year ago we didn’t have this community, in the Pub, on Patreon, or even as much as we do via YouTube and the rest of our social outlets.

And it’s not that we had a “Master Plan” either! Neither of us could have guessed or anticipated that we’d still be here, building software and community for the Bitcoin and Blockchain space.

So grateful for all of you. So very grateful that you’re still here.

– john

The Bitcoin Pub

Yup. Email. It’s a Thing.


As you know, we like to share explicitly and intentionally the things that your patronage supports…

… and one of the things that we incur every month is a growing bill for deploying email throughout our properties.

This is about $14 more than last month, so, it’s not that bad! But, if we’re to be honest, we’ve lost some of our patrons last month, for whatever reason (and they are probably legit).

The point is this: Thank you. It means a lot that you continue to help make all of this possible. You’re the best.

– john

The Bitcoin Pub

We Do Email. A Lot.

Per usual, we like to share neat data related to our growing community and as we’ve done in the past we’ve shared specific things like our mail servers (and cost)!

Just a friendly reminder and thank you for all that you do to support us! We’re building something special but it costs to maintain it (duh).

Love you all. Your support means a ton… every single penny!

The Bitcoin Pub

Cat is Out of the “Chat” Bag…


We shared this publicly via a recent livestream and the cat’s out of the bag in terms of something we’ve been putting together on The Bitcoin Pub…

*drum roll please*


Well, Peter and I have put together a chat system right on The Pub!

You can see it in action above. It’s a small window that can be shown on the left-side of the screen and it can also be made full-screen (within the browser) if you’d like:

What we’re doing right now is testing it with just the Admins and Moderator Team for the moment, but, we definitely want to include you in the conversation, especially those that are $5+ Supporters since you get Discord Access…

… which leads us to our question, essentially: We can add a specific room JUST for patrons in this this chat system so it can mirror the functionality of Discord but make it so you don’t have to switch systems or ever leave the Pub.

It’s kind of what you used to experience back in the AOL Chat Room days…

Choose your chat channel!

So, we wanted you all to be some of the first to know that we’re doing these tests and that if things go well, the Patreon Community will be the next group to test it out.

Please give us your thoughts to this possible implementation!

The Bitcoin Pub

5 New Themes on The Pub!

Have you checked them out yet?

Here they are:

Let me know which one you like the most!

The Bitcoin Pub

Your Patronage Pays for…

… emails. Lots of emails.

If you compare last month’s email usage, we went from ~150,000 emails to nearly 400,000!

Yo. That’s some emails. Yo…

Anyways, thank you. Thank you… for allowing us to send all of you (and the rest of the community) a shit ton of emails.

– john

The Bitcoin Pub

I Guess Email Is Still a Thing…

Just a quick update… but an important one!

Because of your direct support we’re able to pay for TRIPLE the cost of our mailserver this past month:

Sure, it might not seem like much, but, this is just one of the many technical expenses that The Bitcoin Pub is requiring these days!

How many emails did we send? Over 180,000!!

Onwards and upwards! You all rock!

The Bitcoin Pub

Yes… Finally… WE HAVE A NEW LOGO!

Take a look friends. You’re some of the first to ever see it.

Couldn’t be more stoked!

Too legit to quit. Have a great Friday folks!

The Bitcoin Pub

Infrastructure Update: Putting in that WORK!

Hey all!

All of our hard work over the last few weeks has started to pay off. Your support has allowed us to continue to test, refine, iterate, and experiment with better infrastructure.

Here are two images that showcase the work and more importantly some of the results of some of these technical experiments:

Above you can see that we’ve been isolating the 5xx (Server Errors) that we’ve encountered and there have been definitely some experiments that have increased them and then we neutralized them.

Killed them, in other words. We’re stable and now we’ll see how the changes take.

And here you can see a huge spike of HTTP 4xx (Client Errors) that we’ve encountered and how we quickly made changes and updates that could solve the problems. The small bumps are also smaller experiments that we’ve run as well to tweak performance and get the most out of our architecture.

Again, THANK YOU for your support because it helps us find the time to optimize The Bitcoin Pub and continue to deliver the best community experience possible.

You are what powers The Bitcoin Pub 🍻 !


The Bitcoin Pub

YOU (Yes You!) Keep The (Digital) Lights 💡 On!

Hey everyone!

Hope your weekend has been restful and awesome! 👍🏼

Just wanted to give you guys some real-time updates and keep the transparency-level high because all of your support really does go directly to The Pub and keeping things going!

As you can see above, our new CDN is working hard at delivering content and our system to wherever you are and this weekend The Doge Lord and I have been working to optimize the backend and tweak server and architecture settings to maximize throughput.

It’s been frustrating, at times, I won’t lie, and I even shared some late-night thoughts like this recently on The Pub.

But it’s entirely worth it as we have folks all over the world requesting the content that all of you are creating!

Consequently, we made our first big payment for the CDN and added a bunch of credits to the account.

Thanks so much for your support as it keeps things running smoothly! We love building this community and creating fresh and helpful YouTube content for you daily.

This is a privilege and joy for us!