Important Community Questions for New (and Big) Projects

Not all startup ideas are big. In fact, all of them necessarily start small, solving a singular problem really well. A few “breakout” but most of them begin—and end—as small, hobby projects that only ever solve their creator’s personal problems.

I know because I’ve built hundreds—from browser plugins to desktop macros to small web-based “scripts” that save me a few seconds per action—most of them never see the light of day beyond my own notebook computer.

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A Beginners Guide to Self-Certify with Privacy Shield

A few weeks ago, we posted a little more comprehensive view on our path to SOC2 attestation. If you’re just starting out on that journey yourself, peep that post for a bird’s eye view on the process thus far for us.

We’ve continued to work through the process and wanted to share a little more detail around a few facets of what we’re doing. Specifically our GDPR readiness.

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Why (and How) We Invest in Security Audits as a Defi Company

[BTW: We’re putting together volunteer Security & Privacy Team — for folks who especially like exploring these issues! Email @james for more info!]

In our company Slack, we have a #goodreads channel where we’ll drop in articles, essays, and other interesting consumables that find on the interwebs.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a team member to drop in an article about yet-another social media site performing something questionable or some new hot crypto project promising the moon when they’re much more interested in making sure you’re left holding a bag of cheese.

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Agile the Agile? Adapting Our Software Development Life Cycle

If you’ve been a reader of our blog, you’ll notice a common theme in a lot of our posts: Change. Whether it’s related to the company, the culture, the product, we’ve had to adapt along the way in a number of facets. Given we’re an early stage start up in the cryptocurrency space, things tend to change rapidly, even the way in which we are building our product.

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Dogfooding Your Way to Success

From the very beginning we wanted to take a different approach to how we see support. Often times the focus on early stage start ups is acquisition. Get as many users as possible on the site and focus all efforts there. As a byproduct, supporting those users once they’re on the platform gets less time and attention leading to an at best meh experience and at worst, an experience leading someone to vow to never use the platform again.

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