Getting to Know: Marty Bauer

Continuing our series of “Getting to Know” with our team, where team members answer five questions. Check out previous posts on James, Su, Peter, John, and Clay. Today, we have our newest addition to the team, Marty Bauer. Marty will be owning much of our go-to-market strategy and getting us across the finish line and beyond.

The YEN Book Club

A quick Google search for ‘benefits of reading’ returns about 4,010,000,000 results and one for ‘book clubs’ returns about 752,000,000. But you don’t really need four billion pages of internet to know that reading is such a great tool in the kit for leveling yourself up and book clubs are a great way of doing […]

YEN Community Playbook

I gave this talk in-person at our most recent San Francisco Retreat – I hope that posting it here provides you with an overview of not only how communities get put together but also some of the more fundamental building-blocks that you can think through as you begin to work on your own community-building projects! […]

What the Insiders Know

When a new thing forms it has nothing but raw, pure, and untapped potential. The excitement around it is palpable – it’s as if everyone knows that the distance between success and failure, life and death of the project is, pixel-deep. Will it survive or will it die?