CryptoYum: You’re NOT Going to the Island… 😢


Just wanted to share some important news… the short of it is that we’ll be closing up on December 31st.

For those that have been around for a while, you already know that CryptoYum was one of many lightweight apps that we built to better understand the existing market and community needs. And, it was also a huge part of our iterative discovery of what we now all know as YEN!

Consequently, it’s served it’s purpose and we’ll be shutting it down and rebooting some of the core features that made it work in YEN (exact time-table is still yet-to-be-determined…).

Thanks for everyone who provided a ton of great feedback and who helped spur us on to keep building! You’re a big part of our collective discovery process and we’re so grateful for your help! 

And, this will help us, as a team, to focus more exclusively on building a worldclass product with YEN! Focus is everything. EVERYTHING!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them here! As always, our lines of communication are open.

To infinity and beyond.


CryptoYum: 1 Year and a Dream


Today we made the easy decision to renew the domain name for a whopping $14.90 USD. This was clearly an easy decision because it’s already created so much value for us and for our community.

What isn’t covered in the cost is, of course, the time of development, branding and design, and other such infrastructural costs.

But, that’s neither here nor there.

Peter and I took a moment today to reflect on how far we’ve come in just a year’s time and appreciate how much things have changed… and how great our community is.

And that’s what this is really about: CryptoYum was the first application that we considered building and really set in motion the idea that we could build products for a community that they would use and love. 

CryptoYum helped us dream a little bit bigger about our collective future… and we’re still here.

Thank you all for letting us build stuff for you. Onwards and upwards!

– john

CryptoYum: Public Launch!

Whelp… at this point you may have already seen my many, many, many updates… but, if you haven’t… make sure to check out our public launch of CryptoYum!

We’ve been using Product Hunt’s SHIP platform, which has been very useful, and we hope to get a bit more attention on PH today.

So… you know what to do! Upvote, share, and be awesome!

And, of course, don’t forget to sign up for updates for YEN!

– john

CryptoYum… Ready for Testing!

Hey all,

Just a quick note that we’re finally ready for folks to start testing CryptoYum! We’ll be sending out more details to our Cryptonauts+ in just a bit so that you can have access to the BETA and then start providing feedback in the #CryptoYum board on The Pub.

We’re so grateful for your patience as we build out these products and, as we’ve mentioned before… it always takes longer than you originally plan or hope.

But, for those who have been with us for a while… you can now say that you’ve directly supported the birth and creation of another Cryptonation software project!


– The Dogelord

CryptoYum: How to Test and Provide Feedback


I know it’s been a long-time coming, but, we’re ready for your helpful hands to get a bit more dirty!

To get started, you can head here:

Username, Password: b3ta // alphabeta

Please do not change the password as it’s shared among a handful of you and, of course, please do not share these login credentials publicly!

And, if you haven’t already, please review the above video to get an idea of how we’d like you to help provide feedback!

All feedback should be sent here.

Two things to note:

  • We are only showcasing a few coins / projects for right now. That’s by design! If things look and appear stable, then, we’ll slowly add more projects based on community feedback.
  • We are looking for volunteer help to manage and update this site as well as be a bigger part of the curation process. We intentionally built the system in WordPress so that we could get non-technical folks to help build it out. We’ll have more info on this opportunity later…

Our hope is to test it for a week or so and then release it!

Oh, and one more thing… we’d love to give you more public credit as part of the “founding team” of CryptoYum… we’re going to have a public page on The Pub sharing that. If you want to be included in that post, let us know in the comments below.


– The Dogelord

CryptoYum… Moved to Production Server!

A number of significant technical updates today as Peter and I successfully moved from our local development environments through staging and into production!

What the hell does any of that mean you ask…?!

It means that we feel like our first release is just around the corner.

Peter, on livestream, said we’d launch publicly this upcoming Friday… … … … … so… we’re going to shoot for that.

This means that we’re going to try to get BETA INVITES out to Cryptonauts+ maybe as early as tomorrow… but, stay tuned. We’re almost there.

– john

CryptoYum: So… Let’s Try “Load More”

Thanks for all of your feedback from yesterday’s post!

I think most folks loved the idea of infinite scroll (and I do too) and very few (i.e. none…) like general pagination.

And yet despite the overwhelming favor towards infinite scroll, I think having a “Load More” function will not only help page load but also create a better UX.

If not, I can punt to Infinite Scroll as we move forward.


Putting some of the last things together, doing some major tests today… and maybe, just maybe, we’ll get things stable on production…

Finger’s crossed!

– john

To Infinite Scroll or…


Working through some final segments of the CryptoYum desktop site and we’re 99% there… i freakin’ swear.

But, it’s the small things that really count and that make an experience “magical” – I’m serious about that, by the way.

Man, I love that guy.

Anyways, for instance, adding some of the final touches like the social / sharing features:

I mean, this doesn’t look terrible, right?

But, it also doesn’t have the fine-tuned polish that the rest of the experience really has. It’s like we got to the end and were like…

WTH. Who cares. Ship it.

But we can do better. We should do better, right?

Now, we may end up doing something as simple as that or we could take a look at some of the other styling options that bring this part into tighter form.

Or, we could be wasting our time. I don’t know.

But, we care about stuff like that.

Oh, and I did have a question:

Do you prefer infinite scroll or… pagination?

I’m trying to figure out the best solution but I’d love your thoughts.

Okay, I’m done.

– john

Specific Coin Pages on CryptoYum…

Spending today finalizing some of the designs for the specific coin pages on

I had hoped to get most of this onto a live production server today, but, some last-minute AJAX challenges have moved this back.

But, as you can see, things are looking great. I can’t wait to get the Cryptonauts+ in for some testing.

Hope everyone’s having a great Sunday!

CryptoYum: Desktop and Mobile-Web…

… it’s coming. Seriously.

As Peter and I work through the native iOS issues (which are many) we’re still trying to hit our own internal deadlines of providing this new service to you as quick as we can.

So, for those who are our Beta Testers (Cryptonauts+) you should be able to see a preview of the site in a few days… maybe this weekend.

I’ll provide more testing notes for you to walk through when we’re ready, but, I’m stoked to get this new product out into your hands! It’s what powers a lot of what our news cycle is on Decentralized TV and we want you to have direct access to the same source material that we do.

Trusted, curated, community-driven.

It’s looking good my friends!