CoinPuffs: “Add to Favorites” (Registration Open to Patrons First!)

Hey all,

As I shared previously, we’ve been working on making a few updates to CoinPuffs after getting a ton of great feedback from the community.

To cut to the chase, here are the updates that we’ve made (and why we need a bit of your help to test)!

Top Winners and Losers

One of the things that folks have asked about consistently is an expanded view on the Biggest Winners and Biggest Losers in the cryptocurrency market.

Well, we’ve added that and it is now live on the site:

You can see the Winners here and the Losers here.

Hopefully that’s useful!

Featured Toggle

Folks have asked for an ability to simple see the Featured Coins quickly and easily.

Done and done:

You’re welcome.

Personal Favorites List

Finally, we’ve built a simple system where you can create your own “Watchlist” but… we need your help to test!

As you can see, there’s a new button on each Coin Page:

And then there’s a new page to see all of your Favorite Coins:

To help us test:

Please note that Registration IS NOT PUBLIC YET… so, all of you need to try it out and let us know how it works and if you’re having any issues… and so don’t go sharing these links quite yet!

Later in the week (or next week) we’ll release it publicly… but, we need your help first to give it a good run.

Thanks! Provide feedback, as you normally do, on The Bitcoin Pub!

– Dogelord

CoinPuffs Email Alerts: Opening Up to More Testers…!

Hey folks,

Fellow Cryptonauts+ have spent the last week or so test-driving a new experiment and now we’re ready to have a few more folks join in on the action and give it a test-drive.

Thanks for all the help so far and if you have feedback, please drop it here:

This is for Patrons-Only … so don’t go sharing it publicly quite yet!


– john

CoinPuffs: Email Alerts Experiment…

Hey all,

Peter and I built a small experimental app that lets you setup email alerts for prices.

We’re looking for a few folks to help give it a test this week.

You’ll be able to easily create new alerts for coins and then you’ll get email updates auto-magically.

You can even manage them and see when they’ve been sent / triggered:

I’ll be sending out another email to Cryptonauts (and above) for access details in a sec as well as an overview video. Love for your help testing!


– john

The Power (and Importance) of Accessibility


This is less about the new (and improved) CoinPuffs v0.22 and more about a philosophy and practice that I wanted to sit on for a second with you.

What John and I are doing (and we hope you can see it) is making ourselves accessible to you, first and foremost, and then the larger cryptonation.

Why is this important? It’s important because of two core principles:

1. Decentralization requires it. Being accessible doesn’t infringe on the values of anonymity or pseudonymity! Rather, it maintains optionality at all points.

2. “Community Powered” is Mostly Lip Service in our world. Most folks like to tout this as a practiced value but not many people actually do it. We want to be different, fundamentally different.

For instance, when was the last time CMC updated their site based on public, traceable feedback? When was the last time you had a public (or even private) conversation with “Brandon Chez“? The answer is most likely zero.

Here’s the point: YOU ARE PART OF SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL and it’s not because John and I built something super-cool or unique. It’s because YOU SHOWED UP and GAVE A SHIT about these principles in practice.

So, let’s continue to boldly show up, do it differently, and let’s make the cryptocurrency world wholly better for it.

– The Dogelord

CoinPuffs v0.3… Tonight…?

With CoinPuffs we have an opportunity to not only experiment as a community-driven project (via fantastic feedback) but also a way to build a little revenue for the community.

We’re doing that by taking a look into using a few different exchange services and allowing folks to be able to buy and sell cryptocurrency directly via the site.

I’ll probably deploy the updated design (again) this evening, if I can get around to it, but the hope is that by combining meaningful tools for all of you then we can collectively support the growing costs (as all of you are already doing)!

So, all that to say… THANK YOU for your continued support and patronage! It allows us to spend 20 out of 24 hours each day building stuff for you!

Full designs here:

Oh, and the “Red” and “Green” arrows will replace the crazy-insane live-updates that flash in your face. That should be a little more pleasant.

One Step Forward, 2 Steps Back…?

I shared this earlier today, but, did a nice little update on CoinPuffs this morning that added live updates (via magic and wizardry) but I needed to revert back to the original design.

But, you know, that’s how it is sometimes.

(Oh, and I broke The Pub this morning too… maybe you were there… or not.)

Anyways, our internal mantra is to improve by 1% every single day and if we had a “grand” strategy… that really would be it.

1%, every single day my friends. 1%.

– john

v0.2: UI/UX Update is Live

Thanks to you we’ve been able to spend a little bit of time updating the UI/UX of CoinPuffs (as we’ve shared historically) and we just wanted to make sure you were aware of the update!

This is mostly just design, but, we did add a little bit more as mentioned here:

Thanks again for your continued support! We love building stuff for our cryptonation!

– The Dogelord