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Cat is Out of the “Chat” Bag…


We shared this publicly via a recent livestream and the cat’s out of the bag in terms of something we’ve been putting together on The Bitcoin Pub…

*drum roll please*


Well, Peter and I have put together a chat system right on The Pub!

You can see it in action above. It’s a small window that can be shown on the left-side of the screen and it can also be made full-screen (within the browser) if you’d like:

What we’re doing right now is testing it with just the Admins and Moderator Team for the moment, but, we definitely want to include you in the conversation, especially those that are $5+ Supporters since you get Discord Access…

… which leads us to our question, essentially: We can add a specific room JUST for patrons in this this chat system so it can mirror the functionality of Discord but make it so you don’t have to switch systems or ever leave the Pub.

It’s kind of what you used to experience back in the AOL Chat Room days…

Choose your chat channel!

So, we wanted you all to be some of the first to know that we’re doing these tests and that if things go well, the Patreon Community will be the next group to test it out.

Please give us your thoughts to this possible implementation!

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