Introducing: Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason‘s work has already been made available when he started taking over the editing, production, and the overall narrative for our daily vlog.

But perhaps most-important is the fact that Andrew has been my friend for 10+ years and there are few people more qualified to craft the story of our journey than him—in fact, I’m not sure there’s anyone else that could really do it!

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Important Community Questions for New (and Big) Projects

Not all startup ideas are big. In fact, all of them necessarily start small, solving a singular problem really well. A few “breakout” but most of them begin—and end—as small, hobby projects that only ever solve their creator’s personal problems.

I know because I’ve built hundreds—from browser plugins to desktop macros to small web-based “scripts” that save me a few seconds per action—most of them never see the light of day beyond my own notebook computer.

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