What Community Will You Create?

For starters, hello and welcome 👋🏻 to all the new #yenizens that have joined us recently! We cannot thank you enough for believing in us and our vision to build a technology platform that is worthy of the cryptocurrency and decentralized communities that it serves! As you already know, we have a long way to […]

Reimagining Chat

When we first launched our private beta to a select group of folks in October of last year we didn’t originally launch with Chat – we had yet to build it out and we weren’t entirely sure how to best implement this feature within the context of our unique community.

What the Insiders Know

When a new thing forms it has nothing but raw, pure, and untapped potential. The excitement around it is palpable – it’s as if everyone knows that the distance between success and failure, life and death of the project is, pixel-deep. Will it survive or will it die?