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The YEN Book Club

A quick Google search for ‘benefits of reading’ returns about 4,010,000,000 results and one for ‘book clubs’ returns about 752,000,000. But you don’t really need four billion pages of internet to know that reading is such a great tool in the kit for leveling yourself up and book clubs are a great way of doing so.

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A Brief History and the Future

Hi and thanks for dropping in.

If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll notice the posts from the past two years will look familiar. These are the actual posts one for one from our Patreon page which we closed at the end of 2018. We couldn’t have gotten to this point without the help and support from our patrons but we made the difficult decision to move on from Patreon to focus on our magnum opus, YEN.io.

If you’re just catching up, we thought the previous posts would be a neat way to share our background and our thought processes to everyone without any type of subscriptions. Take a look back and see how we developed CryptoYum, CoinPuffs, the Bitcoin Pub, and now Yen.io.

Besides, you don’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. We’ll post any updates to our community and our efforts here so please bookmark and follow along!

YEN: Global Notifications…

There are times where we’re going to need to communicate important messages to our community and we’ve come up with a way to do that by putting it right into your canonical feed. 

It should like like above and below you’ll see how it feels in the larger feed context:

There are so many different ways to do this, but, we opted to test out this way first. I like how it’s a slightly different color and that you can easily “X” it out (close it) if you’re done reading it.

Examples of site-wide notifications might include:

– Planned downtime for upgrading the system

– A new (and important) feature that was implemented (e.g. new security update)

– An outage at one of the exchanges that we’re connected to

– A new hardfork that has stopped certain trading for tokens (e.g. BCH / BCH ABC / BCH SV hardfork updates)

And things like that. We hope to implement this in the next few sprints!


YEN: Fun and Friendly, ALL THE THINGS

As Peter and I share all the time, we just love to have fun with not only the projects that we get to work on but also the people.

If we’re not optimizing for fun… then, what’s the point?

As a builder you have the distinct opportunity and pleasure to build into the system these very things, the values that underpin your behavior!

One thing that I love, for instance, are gifs… I can’t get enough of them! I think they do an incredible job of communicating things simply, quickly, and effectively.

But, not all of them have to boring and dull and utility-focused… sometimes you just want to add a gif that might “lighten” the mood.

For instance, I thought about adding this funny gif to our verification screen for two-factor.

Is this necessary? Obviously not. But, is it fun? Yes, yes it is.


YEN: Power Tooling?

Sometimes when I hear #WHENBINANCE I think about all of the things that we really want to build but that’s going to take a lot of time to get there… because great software takes a lot of time, full stop

But, we are starting the conversations internally about what it would look like for our users to have greater “power tools” at their disposal (and what that means for the overall experience).

We haven’t landed anywhere specific, but, we will be definitely asking our community here about what they use for things like TA and where they do it (explicitly the exchanges and the types of tooling).

So, stay tuned for that… and get your “thinking caps” on as we eventually move closer to this reality… nothing anytime super-soon… but, we wanted to let you know that we’re definitely thinking about it!


CryptoYum: You’re NOT Going to the Island… 😢


Just wanted to share some important news… the short of it is that we’ll be closing up CryptoYum.com on December 31st.

For those that have been around for a while, you already know that CryptoYum was one of many lightweight apps that we built to better understand the existing market and community needs. And, it was also a huge part of our iterative discovery of what we now all know as YEN!

Consequently, it’s served it’s purpose and we’ll be shutting it down and rebooting some of the core features that made it work in YEN (exact time-table is still yet-to-be-determined…).

Thanks for everyone who provided a ton of great feedback and who helped spur us on to keep building! You’re a big part of our collective discovery process and we’re so grateful for your help! 

And, this will help us, as a team, to focus more exclusively on building a worldclass product with YEN! Focus is everything. EVERYTHING!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them here! As always, our lines of communication are open.

To infinity and beyond.


YEN: Experimenting with Chart Views

As you can see above, we’re experimenting lightly with different views for the token and coin charts. Above, you’ll see a 2-column view while below there’s an idea of having a full-width (or near-full-width, single column view) like so:

This way you’ll be able to see even more of the data that you want to know about.

(Peter) – this is something that I’m really excited about as it allows me to have even deeper stickiness to our app. Consider what you enjoy using from a charting perspective from other apps… what would you (desire) that YEN incorporate?

Any thoughts?


QuarterMasters – Before Oct 1, 2018! – You’ve Been Called!

… to the Island!

Welcome to the #yeniverse!

Check your email for the invite code.

Please make sure to:

1 – Use it!

2 – Transact!

3 – Send @YenSupport or @YenEng screenshots of funky issues or improvements!

I’ve already received LOTs of inbound asking me direct questions about features (or lack of). Please stay in Patreon for all updates and Discord! I won’t be able to directly respond to all requests!

– dogelord

(P.S. – YEN usage has value… … …)

Happy Thanksgiving from the ROFLcopter Team!

Happy Thanksgiving from the ROFLcopter team!

John, Su, James, and (me) hope all of you have a great rest of the week!

There is much to be thankful for.

Most of all, that Bitcoin.

Why? Because in Bitcoin we trust! 

Why? Because Bitcoin has given us a future!

Why? Because Bitcoin started it all. 

Hug your loved ones! 



YEN: Deactivating Users

There are a lot of reasons that a user may want to intentionally deactivate or shut-down their account. Of course, we have to plan for these occurrences and make sure that we clean up their data as best as we can, in the right way.

We also then have to figure out how to display to the rest of the world that this person has left the system – there’s a lot to do and our job never stops!

Like this:

In a previous post the now-deleted user has engaged with, we have to make sure we show this directly in the front-end.

Every interaction matters… and we’re doing our best to capture them and build new systems that make sense.



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