Dogfooding Your Way to Success

From the very beginning we wanted to take a different approach to how we see support. Often times the focus on early stage start ups is acquisition. Get as many users as possible on the site and focus all efforts there. As a byproduct, supporting those users once they’re on the platform gets less time […]

Long Live Long-Form

What is it about crypto that entices the masses? What is it about listening to anything that Andreas Antonopoulos shares that speaks so deeply to so many of us? Or an epic, long-form blog post that completely up-ends your financial worldview and utterly blows your mind?

The YEN Book Club

A quick Google search for ‘benefits of reading’ returns about 4,010,000,000 results and one for ‘book clubs’ returns about 752,000,000. But you don’t really need four billion pages of internet to know that reading is such a great tool in the kit for leveling yourself up and book clubs are a great way of doing […]