A Beginners Guide to Self-Certify with Privacy Shield

A few weeks ago, we posted a little more comprehensive view on our path to SOC2 attestation. If you’re just starting out on that journey yourself, peep that post for a bird’s eye view on the process thus far for us.

We’ve continued to work through the process and wanted to share a little more detail around a few facets of what we’re doing. Specifically our GDPR readiness.

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Meet the YEN Local Ambassadors!

In case you missed it, we hosted our first ambassador run meetups last month and they were a huge success. 10 cities, across the US, all in one day. We could not have done this without the help of our community.

We had the opportunity to interview our ambassadors earlier this week. Interested in learning more about them? Then keep reading!

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4 Ways To Grow An Online Community

With just over 200 community groups created on YEN, interesting patterns are starting to emerge in how leaders are growing an online community in YEN.

We have learned that one part of growing community is attracting others already on YEN. This post shows 4 quick examples of how community groups are growing their audience outside YEN.

Here are 4 examples of how community group pages are being added outside of YEN to enable people to join.

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Why (and How) We Invest in Security Audits as a Defi Company

[BTW: We’re putting together volunteer Security & Privacy Team — for folks who especially like exploring these issues! Email @james for more info!]

In our company Slack, we have a #goodreads channel where we’ll drop in articles, essays, and other interesting consumables that find on the interwebs.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a team member to drop in an article about yet-another social media site performing something questionable or some new hot crypto project promising the moon when they’re much more interested in making sure you’re left holding a bag of cheese.

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Agile the Agile? Adapting Our Software Development Life Cycle

If you’ve been a reader of our blog, you’ll notice a common theme in a lot of our posts: Change. Whether it’s related to the company, the culture, the product, we’ve had to adapt along the way in a number of facets. Given we’re an early stage start up in the cryptocurrency space, things tend to change rapidly, even the way in which we are building our product.

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A Visual Retrospective: YEN’s First Global Community Meetup

Our first Global Community Meetup was a success!

Yenizens had an amazing time connecting with each other in 10 cities across the globe. A huge thanks to all the hosts for helping us organize this event and thanks to everyone who came out! Our community is what makes us, and we cannot thank our community enough!

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Nothing Without Our Community

September has been a busy, but celebratory month for us at YEN and we couldn’t be happier. We upgraded our platform last week, we are officially larger than Tokelau, and our first ever Global Community Meetup is taking place this Saturday.

And although we love building this platform, we are not building it for us, we are building it for our community! Besides, they all have been doing some amazing things recently — they deserve to be recognized!

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1,000+ Community Members, Unlimited Stories

You heard that right. We officially have over 1,000 Yenizens in the Yeniverse! The last time I wrote on hitting a milestone was in July when we became larger than Vatican City. At that time, we had 810 Community Members, which means we have grown 25% in a month (wow!). I absolutely love seeing fresh faces on the platform, but what I love even more is seeing the warm welcome they receive from our community. 

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