1,000+ Community Members, Unlimited Stories

You heard that right. We officially have over 1,000 Yenizens in the Yeniverse! The last time I wrote on hitting a milestone was in July when we became larger than Vatican City. At that time, we had 810 Community Members, which means we have grown 25% in a month (wow!). I absolutely love seeing fresh faces on the platform, but what I love even more is seeing the warm welcome they receive from our community. 

I would also like to formally welcome James Smith, AKA GooseTech on YEN, to the Yeniverse. James is officially our 1000th Community Member! Feel free to give James a warm welcome on YEN. James also has his own crypto YouTube Channel and is currently the Media Director at If you are not on YEN, and would like to connect with James and other people like James, then you can sign-up here!

In other community news, we officially have at least 12 locations confirmed for our Global Community Meetup happening on September 28th! We will be announcing locations soon, but feel free to send me an email ( if you are interested in hosting a meetup in your neck of the woods. This will be the first of many global meetups, and it will be a great opportunity to establish an in-person YEN community that is local to you. We will be having a contest for hosts during the day and there will be opportunities to win some pretty sweet prizes (still a secret).  

I think I speak for everyone on the YEN team when I say that we are all pumped for the future. More Yenizens, more events, and more quality connections than ever before. I want to give a huge shoutout to Marty for drastically improving our conversion rate on invite emails. We wouldn’t be here this quickly without you! Next stop, moon. 

Feel free to check out our Community Goals page to see where we are in taking over the world!