A Look Back

A Conversation About Conversations (Posts, Replies, Threads, and More)!

Building working, usable software isn’t as hard as it used to be, especially considering the ample resources that are readily available online for the eager, curious, and seriously motivated.

The Essence of Who We Are

A little more than a month ago we shared that we’ve started an exciting new (re)branding exercise with a NYC-based agency that’s done some really great work over the past few weeks!

Growing, Growing, Gone!

I’m pleased to share some exciting news as we’ve hit yet-another milestone as a platform and community: The YENiverse is now officially larger than the Vatican City!

What Community Will You Create?

For starters, hello and welcome 👋🏻 to all the new #yenizens that have joined us recently! We cannot thank you enough for believing in us and our vision to build a technology platform…

On Crypto Regulation and Staying Above Board – Example Letter to the SEC

Merriam-Webster defines FUD as an abbreviation for “fear, uncertainty, and doubt.” The entry in Wikipedia notes it as a “strategy to influence perception by disseminating negative and dubious or false information and a…

Community Spotlight: Waqar Ansari, The First Yenizen to Reach $1,000,000 in Trades on YEN!

This is a special community spotlight because we are celebrating a milestone achievement on YEN. Waqar (icoNeo on YEN) is the first Yenizen to reach $1,000,000 in trades on YEN! At this rate,…

Employee Engagement in Startups Begins with Your Values

Eww. Even those two words together make me cringe a little, right?

The Yeniverse is Expanding!

We now have 659 Yenizens in the Yeniverse (as I am writing this blog post), which means our community has grown more than 50% since May 1st! I have only been working on…

People, Products, Profit – In That Order

One of my favorite books of all time is from the man, the myth, and the legend, Ben Horowitz and his hard-hitting “startup-building bible,” The Hard Thing About Hard Things. I can’t tell…

Reimagining the YEN Brand

Brand development can be a nightmare for companies, especially startups. Where do you start? How do you know your brand identity is good? Does our brand properly reflect who we are as a…

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